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Upgrade to the latest Toshiba technology

Early obsolescence isn’t our thing, so keep using your old phones on your New System.

When Fresh Insurance needed to expand their telephony solution to match the company’s aggressive growth plans and provide an efficient, professional service to its rapidly growing customer base they found Toshiba’s forward thinking made the process quick and easy. By upgrading their existing Strata CT phone system to Strata CIX allowed Fresh Insurance to add a contact centre along with real time reporting but save thousands by being able to reuse their digital phones and interface units from their old system.

This story is repeated every time a Toshiba customer upgrades to a newer Toshiba phone system. That’s because planned obsolescence — as effective as it is for selling more product — is just not our thing. We don’t think you should have to replace working phones if your users are happy with them and they serve the need.

Migrating from a legacy Strata CTX system to a Strata CIX

No problem. Your existing Toshiba DKT2000, DKT3000, DKT3200 and DP5000-series digital phones will work with Toshiba’s Strata CIX phone system.

Migrating from Strata CIX to an all-IP IPedge system

No problem. You can reuse your Toshiba IP 5000-series phones and IP4100 SIP DECT wireless phones. For customers with older handsets you might be able to use Toshiba's "Handset Scrappage" scheme and claim £50 trade in when buying new IP5000 handsets. Contact a Toshiba reseller or call Toshiba marketing on 01932 825069.

Have an older Strata CTX or Strata CIX but want the latest IPedge features?

No problem. Upgrade the digital CTX system to a Strata CIX system with some new components and software, add an IP interface card, and use IPedge as an application server. You’ll get the latest IP unified communications and mobility solutions without having to move entirely to IP. It’s an affordable way to mix and match existing digital and IP endpoints to meet your needs while gaining the ability to use Apple® and Android™ smartphones as business phone system extensions.

Savings add up with Toshiba

The answer is simple. It’s good for everybody when our customers have the best phone systems for their needs and when the systems out in the field represent our latest technologies and capabilities. If we can make it easier and more affordable for you to take advantage of our best work, everybody wins.

If you’re looking to upgrade an older Toshiba business phone system, find out how you can extend the value of your existing investment — and how much you can save in the process contact your Toshiba reseller.

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