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User guides for Toshiba Strata and IP Edge systems

Here you will find relevant user guides to help you with the operation of your Toshiba Strata telephone system, including Strata CIX, Strata CTX, Strata CT and Strata DK systems.  You will also find information on the range of featurephones, voicemails and other associated products that Toshiba provides.  If you cannot find the user guide you're looking for, please contact us.

Please note that some features and functions of the Toshiba Strata systems need to be configured by a trained engineer to ensure safe operation of your telephone system.  If you require assistance from an approved partner you should check to see if you have a current maintenance agreement in the first instance, and contact that parner.  If, however, you do not have a maintenance agreement in place, please click here to find a local partner.

IP4100 User guide for the IP4100 SIP DECT range of telephones.
Strata Systems  User guides for Toshiba Strata telephone systems, including information on how to change the time on your relevant Toshiba system.
Featurephones User guides for Toshiba range of Strata featurephones, including digital (DKT and DP) and IP (including IPT) featurephones.
WOC User guides for Toshiba's Windows Operator Consoles (WOC)
Voicemail User guides for Toshiba's Strata CIX, Strata Messaging & Stratagy voicemail systems. 
ACD User guides for agents and supervisors in Toshiba's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions. 


User guides for TASKE.
SCM User guides for Client and Strata Call Manager Administration which replaces the Netphone part of Toshiba's Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solutions
Microsoft Lync & OCS User Guide for the Microsoft Lync & OCS Integration for Strata CIX




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