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How to upgrade

Toshiba is committed to protecting its customers from costly risks of product redundancy. Out Strata CIX platforms are build on a flexible building block design that ensures system features can be upgraded easily and inexpensively. Importantly, Strata CIX is also compatible with existing legacy Toshiba telephone systems, so that many handsets, cards and applications can be easily transferred.

There is a clear upgrade path from the Strata DK, CT or CTX to the Strata CIX that enables your business to benefit from additional functionality such as IP telephony (hyrbid and pure), built-in Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and traffic reporting, and directory dialling from display handsets.

For more information about upgrading your Strata DK, CT or CTX system to the latest Strata CIX technology, please download the relevant brochure from the 'Related Links' section.

If you would like to find out how you can upgrade your Toshiba phone system, please use the form in the 'Want us to Contact You' section on the left and a Toshiba representative will contact you.



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