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Solutions for contact centres

Solutions for contact centres

Flexible solutions allowing quick and cost effective set up a formal contact centre with as many as 360 agents, or an informal telephone-based marketing, sales or support team with just a few members.

Big businesses establish call centers to manage their customer contacts, give support, handle orders, drum up new business and retain customers by providing good service. Those are the same compelling reasons why small and midsize businesses start call centers. Toshiba's contact centre solutions provide a range of features that make it easy to effectively allocate inbound calls among your call-handling personnel, with integration to back-office systems to automatically 'pop' caller's information as soon as the call comes in.

Toshiba’s flexible solutions provide advanced call routing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), call recording and in-depth, real-time performance analysis and review. These modular solutions allow quick and cost-effective set up of a formal call centre with as many as 720 agents across the network or over multiple sites, or an informal telephone based marketing, sales or support team with just a few members. 

Here are some videos that ask some key questions:-

Key benefits 

  • Complete, seamless experience for customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • Flexible call routing options including round-robin, VIP call routing and call-back.
  • Vital, real-time management information allowing supervisors to make quick, informed decisions on how and where to make improvements.
  • Efficient call recording solutions, ensuring that calls can be securely recorded for quality control, training, etc.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) of back-office applications with the telephone system, ensuring that customer information 'pops' on the agent screen as the call comes in.
  • Past performance can be reviewed as though in real-time, providing vital information for training and continuous improvement.
  • 'Cradle-to-grave' analysis of specific calls, to match customer expectations to experience

To find out more information about our Contact Centre solutions, use the related links on the right or visit our Virtual Office, which provides scenarios to illustrate the applications and features of contact centres and remote working.  You can also download our Call Centre Guide, and an overview to our call centre solutions.

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