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Manage inbound calls more efficiently

Manage inbound calls more efficiently

Call routing solutions that enable you to manage customer and internal calls more efficiently and improve the way your company is perceived.

In today's competitive environment, the ability to manage customer and internal voice communications effectively is increasingly critical.  Understandably, callers want their calls to be answered quickly and dealt with efficiently.  They do not want to be held in a long queue, and passed from department to department before a question is answered.  For this reason, Toshiba has a range of call routing solutions that are designed to ensure that all inbound calls are handled as efficiently as possible including:

Flexible Call Routing - Route calls based on caller ID, DDI number dialled, balanced call count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, or time-of-day, day-of-week or, with Call Router, day-of-year, providing maximum flexibility. 

Intelligent Queue Announcements - If all agents are busy, calls to an ACD group are queued to wait for the first available agent in the group.  While waiting, callers hear programmed intelligent announcements or music, encouraging them to remain on hold.  This gives you an opportunity to provide valuable information while they're waiting.

Interactive Call Announcements - When a customers calls into the organisation, there is an opportunity to collect important information before the call is put through.  This saves both the customer and agent time, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Priority Queuing - Enabling higher-priority calls to be answered sooner than low-priority calls, ACD calls can be tagged with a priority number before they are placed into the ACD group queue.  The priority number assigned to the call then determines where the call is placed in the queue.

Multiple Call Queues - You can set up multiple call queues for differing services or sales promotions, each with an individual announcement.  If callers are handled more efficiently and personally, this improves customer satisfaction which in turn leads to increased loyalty and revenue.

Call Back Service - Rather than making callers wait in a queue, a call back service can be offered that allows them to leave a request to be called back.  Call backs can be prioritised in order of importance to the business, urgency or convenience, and agents can ensure that they are fully armed with background information to help them answer the query quickly and efficiently.

Web Call Back - Place a script on your website so customers can request a call but clicking on a button and the request is queued until an agent is free when the customer is called back and connected to an agent, reducing hold times and abandoned calls. Download the brochure

Click to Chat - Place a script on your web site to allow customers to chat directly with agents rather than needing to make a call. Ideal for simple questions saving customer and agent time. Download the brochure

Preferred Agent - Skill-based Call Routing - Using CLI, it is possible to route callers to agents who they have dealt with before.  If that agent is busy or unavailable, the caller can be held in a queue until the chosen agent is free, routed to another agent, or leave a message to be called back.  Calls can also be routed to agents based on their skills and knowledge to ensure that the customer's query is answered as effectively as possible.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - IVR allows you to provide callers with a 'self-service option', which can make a dramatic difference to the way a call is handled, and how your company is perceived.

For further information on our Call Routing solutions, please download the brochure.

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