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Recording telephone conversations

Organisations today require the ability to record calls for a variety of purposes including, security, transactional analysis, quality assurance, staff training and performance monitoring. 

Toshiba's call recording solutions allow you to securely and efficiently record inbound and outbound telephone calls, which can then be used for training purposes with a view to improving call handling techniques.  Easy to set up and use, our call recording solutions include an entry level option as well as a high specification corporate option.

Key benefits

  • Retain a record of exactly what was said, when and by whom, to effectively resolve customer disputes. 
  • Provide valuable for staff training, showing examples of good and bad call handling.
  • Enhance customer service by identifying staff that require additional training.
  • Record telephone orders to ensure the validity of order and delivery information.
  • Modular and flexible options available, allowing you to grow the solution as the needs of your organisation change.
  • Easy to use configuration, operation and archiving, ensuring you can easily find what you're looking for.

Our call recording solutions form part of our complete solutions for contact centres.  For further information on our Call Recording solutions, please download the brochure.



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