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Case Studies

Here are some of Toshiba customers both old and new

Fresh Insurance

“Migrating to this larger system was a quick and easy process and we suffered no disruption during the installation. Even better, when we need additional capacity or functionality, the Strata system can be quickly upgraded with simple card changes, as our business expands.”  Pauline Sutherland  -  Fresh Insurance   download


Martlet Homes

“It was felt that the Toshiba system best fitted our needs both in terms of a general phone system and for the contact centre.” Ian Drummond - Martlet Homes


Big Yellow

“The Toshiba system is ideal for Big Yellow because it is a very reliable, versatile and flexible system. It is also competitively priced, and as Big Yellow has an ambitious expansion programme, it is important to deliver the right system for the right budget.” Reggie Kerr - Big Yellow   download Toshiba has more recently upgraded Big Yellow's base and added SIP trunking support through the central network and an updated case study is available. download


“It’s gone well, with a simple roll-out. The reseller did installation work at weekends and avoided our busy periods. They listened to our business requirements and worked with us proactively to find the best solution, showing us better ways of working.” Alistair Belshaw – Furmanite


 Mackrell Turner Garrett

“It’s proved to be very successful because it works well, gives us greater flexibility and saves us money.” Jan Boylett - Mackrell Turner Garrett


Fowey Community College

“The improvements we are able to make to our day to day communications are considerable, now we have a reliable system that is flexible enough to cope with the college’s changing demands, the benefits can truly be felt by the college and the wider community.”  Lias Kelly - Fowey Community College   download


Portwest Clothing

“Before we had this system we did not even know how many calls a day we were receiving, or how many calls we were losing. Now all this information is readily available to us, with real time reporting. And if you can measure it, you can manage it. It really has made a massive difference to our business and it’s proved to be a dream come true for our marketing manager” Mike Kirby – Portwest Clothing

Llwyndedw Medical Centre 

“We’ve been delighted with the positive impact that the Toshiba solution has had on our working day. The solution has dramatically cut down staffing levels due to increased efficiency, and one receptionist can now handle calls and book appointments for both surgeries. We are confident the system meets the demands we place on it without us suffering downtime, and the functionality it offers us will continue to support us in the future.”   Daphne McAdie - Llwyndedw Medical Centre   download


Spectrum Radio

“A specialist broadcast phone system can cost £30,000 and has a capacity for over 100 lines. We did not need anything like that capacity but we still needed the functionality. The Toshiba  phone system provides us with the facilities we wanted from a dedicated broadcast system at a fraction of the cost” Richard Bullock - Spectrum Radio


Mercy Ships

“Our relationship with both Working Telecoms and Mercy Ships is a great reflection of the strength and heritage of Toshiba’s technology,” says Daniel Fuller-Smith, Sales Manager for Toshiba in EMEA. “We always strive to ensure the communication platforms are as easy to configure and maintain as possible, and Mercy Ships is a testament to this.”  - Mercy Ships   download


Premier Products

 “The system offers ease of use for employee’s which is critical for effective business communications. The hybrid PBX nature of the system ensures that we can implement additional capacity or IP functionality as we need it, but also enables us to reuse our existing handsets to keep capital costs down.”  Chris Wasley - Premier Products


St Julians School

“The new telephony system has made a series of new functions available to our staff, and though not all are used frequently it allows teachers to choose the functions which suit their specific needs. For example, some find the call forwarding facility particularly useful when they are away from the phone and others feel the conferencing facility is invaluable.”  Peter Richards  -  St Julians School   download


Peter Symonds College

“The communication system we have in place now complements our data network by offering increased reliability and improved access to college facilities for staff and students. In addition, because the system is so easy to manage we expect to save over £2,000 per year on maintenance costs, giving us valuable extra resources to continue to improve the communications network for all our users.” Charles Paris – Peter Symonds College


Steps to Work

“Although the initial cost of implementing the system was a significant investment, we are future proofing for potential expansion. The telephony infrastructure will support our growth through reduced call costs and from previous Toshiba systems, we know they are extremely durable and will support us long-term.”  John Brewer  -  Steps to Work   download


Djanogly City Academy

“Djanogly City Academy is designed to be a flexible, dynamic environment, and a pure-IP system is ideally suited to that. The phones have power over Ethernet, so we can switch extensions with a minimum of fuss. Users now have dedicated voicemail, but the systems ability to integrate with our IT back office means we can add new features and functionality as and when we require.” Steve Mazurkiewitz - Djanogly City Academy



“The most important benefit of the new telephone system is improving the relationship with our tenants. However, the benefits to the running of the organisation have been enormous, as the improved visibility and control have enabled us to streamline processes. This has led to significant savings across the organisation, and we plan on working with the system to enhance these further.”  Gus Hussain  -  WATMOS   download


Clarke Willmott

“We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer our customers so there is a concern about using voicemail. But there are considerable benefits to the use of unified messaging such as being able to collect all your messages via a notebook computer when out of the office. I think the concerns about voicemail are more to do with the way it’s used rather than the technology.” Val Fox – Clarke Willmott


Winchester Cathedral

“Thanks to the VoIP system we can consider using IP wireless handsets which are twinned with the desk handsets, providing a fully integrated system for staff that are more mobile. The new platform means we can maximise on opportunities to ensure the system continues to meet our needs.”  Bob Forrester  -  Winchester Cathedral   download


And here are some of our International customers


Purvis Industries - IPedge EM

Purvis gained improved customer service by using SIP trunking connections to enable virtual telephone numbers to be set up to appear as if they are local numbers for all the branches. This allows customers to use local numbers when calling their local branch offices. download


Williams Furnace Company - IPedge

“Toshiba’s IPedge is a reliable, high-quality IP business telephone system that is affordable, feature-rich and empowers us to provide a higher level of customer service. Toshiba and smplsolutions have exceeded our expectations,”  Tami Williams   -   Williams Furnace Company   download


Jefferson Parish Human Services - IPedge

"Toshiba’s IPedge Systems Deliver Reliability, Cut Costs and Improve Client Service".  Namh Nguyen   -   Jefferson Parish Human Services   download


Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transport - IPedge

Toshiba’s IPedge IP business telephone systems exceeded SMART’s communications objectives, including delivering a cost savings of more than $400,000 over the first five years.   download


New Method Wellness - IPedge

Toshiba’s IPedge Business Telephone System Improves Communication.   download


Marshall County - IPedge

"Toshiba’s IPedge IP business telephone system has exceeded our expectations by providing a reliable, feature-rich communication solution that helped us save more than $30,000 annually,”  Steve Turner   -   Marshall County   download


Paddock Chevrolet - IPedge

Toshiba’s IPedge IP business telephone system exceeded Paddock Chevrolet’s communications objectives, including greatly improving customer communication via its contact center while delivering a savings of more than $20,000 per year by replacing a poorly performing hosted system.   download


Phoenix Manufacturing - IPedge

Toshiba’s IPedge Improves Communication While Handling 35,000 Calls per Month   download


Atlantic General Hospital - Strata CIX

Overall reduced Total Cost of Ownership with a reduction of 62 percent annual costs over the previous system and a 22 percent savings on local telephone charges, resulting in an anticipated return on investment over three years.   download


Baisch Skinner - Strata CIX

With the Toshiba IP systems and Polycom SpectraLink mobile wireless telephones, Baisch & Skinner’s workers can roam both inside and outside of the buildings while still staying connected to internal or external calls. This improves customer service as the sales reps can look at floral inventory and describe what’s available every day while they are on the telephone with customers.   download


Chelsea Piers - Strata CIX

“Together, Toshiba and Tele-Dynamics delivered on our top three goals: standardization on an affordable, reliable platform; reduced business telephone costs; and the ability to self-administrate. It’s a winning combination.”   Stuart Sheinbaum   -   Chelsea Piers   download


Crow Friedman - Strata CIX

Toshiba Strata CIX Systems Deliver Reliability, Mobility and Improve Internal Efficiency — and Save $100,000 Annually   download


LifeLong Medical Care - Strata CIX

Toshiba’s IPedge and Strata CIX telephone systems have met LifeLong’s communications objectives, including cost savings of more than $2,500 per month by eliminating call charges between networked locations   download




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